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The Moringa Tree

This tiny tree has enormous nutrition packed leaves that could save millions of lives! Introducing the enormous benefits of Moringa to communities in Haiti will result in better health through nutrition as well as an economic impact through jobs and export. Currently there is a ½ acre plantation of Moringa growing at the lower half […]

Blessings and humble request

As this year draws to a close and you are praying about how God wants you to serve in 2015, please consider taking a missionary trip to Cap Haitien Haiti to visit the orphans at IDADEE and stay at the Joshua House. If you have been financially blessed, we also invite you to become a […]

300 Missionaries since June 2013

The Joshua Foundation invested over $400,000 to support Haitian architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors, tradesmen and laborers to build the Joshua House in Haiti. For the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, that meant a lot. The decision was an easy one to join in the work God was doing through our Haitian partners who share […]


Posted on www.pittsburghkidsfoundation.org The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation in Haiti: The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation has been actively involved in connecting kids from Pittsburgh to the lives of Haitian orphans and the people of Haiti for almost 20 years. We have many deep relationships there and are working hard to help raise up and equip the next […]

Haiti hopes miracle moringa tree can help to combat malnutrition

The government is promoting the cultivation of a tree rich in vitamins, minerals and calcium to tackle food insecurity   Felix von Geyer Rich in vitamins, potassium and calcium, Haiti is promoting the moringa tree to address the country’s chronic malnutrition. The poorest country in the western hemisphere, 75% of Haiti’s population lives on less […]