New teams, new concrete, new flights

group2Nrunway1ew for teams traveling to Haiti—New concrete, new runways, new airport, new flights and new surroundings in Cap Haitian!!

Teams can travel in one day to Cap, with no overnight stay when flying through Maimi. Round trip flights start as low as $600.00. Book your trip for this summer now through American Airlines.  Updates to the Haiti airport have been drastic since October of 2014, with upgrades to the building, runways and support services to the airlines.

Contact [email protected] for more information on house availability, menu of projects and needs of the orphanages we are serving.  It has never been a better time to serve or travel to Haiti!

Oh the places you can go

children1December 2014 through March of 2015 was a busy time for the Joshua House, Haiti—over 144 missionaries traveled, served, raced for Team Tassy, taught and labored in Cap Haitian and the surrounding areas.  Can you picture yourself here over the summer and beyond!?!

Upcoming opportunities in Cap Haitian including but not limited to the 3 orphanages under our care through and with the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation and churches local to the surrounding communities we serve:
*Study abroad opportunities for university students to teach French to our English and Creole speaking students.  Please have a university or college liaison contact us at [email protected]
*New kindergarten through 6th grade school to be built on IDADEE property for the IDADEE children and the community scheduled to open September 2015.
*Medical clinic slated to open January 2016 to host medical and dental teams.
*As well as many church and ministry related activities in conjunction with the pastors we support.

children4children3   this link is on our facebook page, Ian Rosenberger’s Team Tassy stayed at the Joshua House and raised money for the people of Haiti by racing across the entire country of Haiti to raise awareness regarding global(specifically Haiti poverty).  Ian started Thread a company that recycles plastics in country and employs Haitians.   The team started the run at EBAC orphanage.  this link is on our facebook and website, North Allegheny Young Life brought the largest group to date to stay at the Joshua House—31 people!! And received rave reviews for their tutoring and teaching skills at the EBAC school.  Way to go NAYL, great job!!

Be a part of the all the new things to come in Haiti, even if you just support the fledgling careers of newly graduated orphans by utilizing their services in country—you will be helping to support them and the economy.  To hear more about how you can help and be a part of their growing entrepreneurism,  contact us at [email protected].

pittsburghkidsThe Joshua House works in conjunction with Pittsburgh Kids Foundation

Changes and upgrades to the Joshua House and surrounding IDADEE

joshua-signA lot of changes and upgrades to the Joshua house and the surrounding area occurred over the winter: the addition of a beautiful sign for the Joshua House and even more exciting; latrines and water wells now exist for area residents.

With the help of funding through the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation and other generous donors, local laborers have been hard at work bringing much needed infrastructure as well as jobs to the area in which our groups are serving.  This means clean water and sanitation for thousands of area residents with more on the way!  Funding for housing for graduating EBAC students and 300 more latrines are in process for the next few months.  BOOK a SUMMER trip now!

If you are interested in funding and laboring on any of these water projects please email us at [email protected].

There is space available this spring and summer for you and your group to stay and to expand the water projects throughout the local community in Haiti!  Check out availability on the Joshua House Calendar and contact [email protected] for more information.





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