Changes and upgrades to the Joshua House and surrounding IDADEE

joshua-signA lot of changes and upgrades to the Joshua house and the surrounding area occurred over the winter: the addition of a beautiful sign for the Joshua House and even more exciting; latrines and water wells now exist for area residents.

With the help of funding through the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation and other generous donors, local laborers have been hard at work bringing much needed infrastructure as well as jobs to the area in which our groups are serving.  This means clean water and sanitation for thousands of area residents with more on the way!  Funding for housing for graduating EBAC students and 300 more latrines are in process for the next few months.  BOOK a SUMMER trip now!

If you are interested in funding and laboring on any of these water projects please email us at [email protected].

There is space available this spring and summer for you and your group to stay and to expand the water projects throughout the local community in Haiti!  Check out availability on the Joshua House Calendar and contact [email protected] for more information.





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