Kyle McClellan started Brace for IMPACT 46 in 2014 after he and his wife, Bridget, took a life-changing mission trip to Haiti and since then life has never been the same.  At Brace for IMPACT 46, they demonstrate how giving back can enrich your life every bit as much as those you serve with a goal to IMPACT the lives of others.

Through partnerships and trips to Haiti, the organization supports the IDADEE Children’s Home and through other initiatives helps to sustain community development in the area.

Dr. Wislyn, Medical Director of CHIDA, was orphaned, but overcame adversity and embraced knowledge and training to become the Medical Director of CHIDA.  He is instrumental in helping to shape the agenda planned quarterly medical trips.  As each trip ends, the Brace for IMPACT 46 team meets with him to identify future needs in equipment, training, and support for hospital staff.

We’d like to share some highlights from their partnership with CHIDA hospital and their vision for having a clear task and relationship to build up to lead from behind by providing equipment and training thus empowering the local staff with knowledge and skill to treat and serve their community adding credibility and trust.

Different than a mission trip where medical missionary teams come to an area and treat as many patients as time allows, Brace for IMPACT 46’s focus for CHIDA hospital is to provide training on equipment and education to Haitian staff for them to be able to provide day-to-day care in the community. To be a part of the Brace for IMPACT 46 team, interested parties should contact Brace for IMPACT and specialty expertise will be utilized based on goals of the next the quarterly mission.  As there is much need in the community clinics, we also have relationships with other medical mission teams and organizations to put you in touch with should you wish to serve in other ways.

Many recommendations for processes and procedures at CHIDA hospital have been implemented and input is given on areas with the most need for the next quarterly visit.  Our team includes personnel knowledgeable in equipment setup and hands-on training allowing the Haitian medical personnel to perform the procedures.  The most recent team included an internal medicine doctor, surgical nurse, OB/GYN nurse, and cardiology nurse.

Here are some highlights from a recent quarterly mission trip.
Upon arriving the Brace for IMPACT 46 team met with Dr. Wislyn and key CHIDA hospital staff to review the goals for the visit.  They spent time mapping out the trip’s agenda and how they could best serve the community.

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  • We set up an external fetal monitor for the clinic and taught 5 nurses and several nursing students how to use the machine and provide additional nursing care towards mother and baby. Thanks to our amazing medical volunteers with Crossing4Mercy our Haitian staff can now offer pre-natal care and mommas can experience their baby’s heartbeat and seeing them before birth!  The reality is, the infant fatality rate in Haiti is around 34%. By adding these resources and an entire pre-natal/OB program to the CHIDA Clinic, we can reduce that rate into the single digits.
  • The surgical assistant monitored and assisted in a surgical procedure offering process improvements for their environment for the future.
  • Our cardiology nurse practitioner set up an EKG machine for the clinic and educated the nursing staff on how to use the machine confidently.
  • We had an internal medicine doctor spent the day with the local Haitian doctors seeing patients and monitoring their patient flow, looking for ways to continue to improve patient care.

A community health day in Limbe was held with medical teams from Crossing4Mercy as part of an outreach day initiative.  There were 250 patients seen from 6 days old to 91 years old with a myriad of medical conditions.   During this outreach, a local CHIDA surgeon perform 2 surgeries in the ambulance

Through a strong partnership with the Joshua House Haiti, our team experiences great accommodations and are able to walk to the hospital.  We have built relationships with the staff and find great comfort in knowing they are a part of our efforts in empowering them to develop a stronger and healthier community.