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The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation in Haiti:

The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation has been actively involved in connecting kids from Pittsburgh to the lives of Haitian orphans and the people of Haiti for almost 20 years. We have many deep relationships there and are working hard to help raise up and equip the next generation of local leadership.  Here is how we are involved:

Orphan Care and Support:

The PKF currently works to support the efforts of three orphanages on the outskirts of Cap Haitien, Haiti. We have developed strategic relationships over the last 20 years with ministries on the ground in Haiti.  We focus our efforts on helping the children in these three homes by giving them an opportunity to thrive and grow in their own country. It is our belief that the future of Haiti rests in the hands of its own people and we are working hard to support them. As these children grow, we hope to see them make significant contributions to the Kingdom of God and to their own country.


  • EBAC Orphanage – Kathy Gouker and Alice Wise are missionaries that have been working at EBAC, outside of Cap Haitien, for almost 40 years. They have helped raise hundreds of Haitian orphans into amazing followers of Christ. Currently, EBAC houses about 100 children who attend an English speaking school on the grounds of EBAC that is run by Kathy and Alice.



  • IDADEE – The IDADEE Children’s Home was started and is run by children that grew up at the EBAC Orphanage. Their vision is to give the poorest of the poor children a hope and a future. Phase One of construction was completed in 2011, with room to house 40 children.  Currently, they are at capacity.  The IDADEE School opened with three classrooms in 2013.  Together, the IDADEE Children’s Home and School have created 18 jobs.


  • New Vision Children’s Home – New Vision was started and is run by Jean Claude and Monica Compere:  Jean Claude grew up at the EBAC orphanage and is on the committee for the IDADEE project as an advisor. As an orphan himself, he has a strong desire to give back to other Haitian orphans. Together, with his wife, Monica, they have have made a home for their new family. The youngest have tested positive for HIV but are doing well under their care. The PKF has been supporting them through the process of building a new home for their children. Construction was completed in April and 14 children are being cared for at the New Vision Children’s Home.



IMG-50-MPKF Child Sponsorship Program(Mustard Seed): In the three orphanages that the PKF supports, there are close to 140 children who are relying on us for support. To help with this need, we have started a small child sponsorship program.  If you would like to help support one of these children, go to www.pkfchildsponsorship.com or click here.




Trips to Haiti:  The Joshua House Retreat Center opened its doors in 2014.  It accomodates large international missionary and business groups.  The Joshua House will provide a constant revenue stream for the IDADEE Children’s Home.  Each year, the PKF continues to facilitate trips for groups that would like to

travel to Haiti. The Joshua House  www.thejoshuahouse.org) is serving as our base of operations as we work to help develop the community around the IDADEE orphanage.

Church Groups: If you have a group that would like to travel to Haiti contact Jayson Samuels our Haiti Coordinator.


Medical Clinic

The addition of the Medical Clinic will be a major benefit to members of the community.  The Medical Clinic will create short term construction jobs and sustainable medical professions.  It will provide quality, affordable local health care for the IDADEE community, build a permanent Haitian run medical facility, staffed with Haitian doctors and nurses, and create a place for American and Haitian medical professionals to work side by side.  We have received “seed money” for the Clinic and hope to have its doors open in 2016.




Water & Sanitation

Four new wells will meet the water needs of 12,000 people per day.  Proper sanitation benefits the local community, creates jobs, and protects the children at IDADEE by helping to reduce preventable infections and diseases.  PKF is partnering with Water Missions International to provide the best sustainable solution for the community’s water needs.  This project is about 80% complete.  The wells are now fully functional and most of the latrines have been built.


Recycling Centers: The PKF has started 2 recycling centers in Cap Haitien through a program known as Ramase Lajan, which means “Picking Up Cash.” These two centers are part of a larger program that is run by Executives Without Borders.  For more information, click here.  Each one of these centers provides 3-5 jobs in addition to a small income stream that is designated to either the IDADEE Children’s Home or the EBAC Orphanage.





Athlete Trips – Brad Henderson, President of the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation, serves as Chaplin for both the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  He has facilitated many trips to Haiti for Pittsburgh athletes as well as for athletes from other cities.





For additional information on the IDADEE orphanage please see www.idadee.org