Below is a list of items you will need completed before your travel to The Joshua House

1) A signed copy of the “Good Faith Agreement” (GFA) is due upon reservation along with a 50% deposit.

2) A signed Release of Liability form is required for all people traveling to the Lodge in Haiti. The release also contains a copy of the travel warning issued by the United States State Department.

3) We also require that your group create an Smart Traveler Enrollment Account (STEP) account with the State Department. This will register your team with the ‘United States State Department and in the case of an emergency it will give the US government a way to track down its citizens traveling abroad. Please use the following address and phone number when registering your team:

Address of the Joshua House in Haiti: Dos De Petit Morne, Morne Rouge, Cap Haitien Haiti. Phone 011 509 3736-9981

4) We also require each person in your group to purchase short term medical/evacuation coverage.

Sample-Haiti-Immigration.gif<— Fill Out Top

<– Address and Phone to use

(Street) Dos De Petit Morne

(City) Morne Rouge, Cap Haitien, Haiti

(Phone) 011 509 3736-9981

<– Fill out when landing and keep. You will need this to depart from Haiti.