The Moringa Tree

moringa-for-postThis tiny tree has enormous nutrition packed leaves that could save millions of lives! Introducing the enormous benefits of Moringa to communities in Haiti will result in better health through nutrition as well as an economic impact through jobs and export. Currently there is a ½ acre plantation of Moringa growing at the lower half of the land where the Joshua House exists. Crops are harvested every 22 days and the leaves provide for the nutritional needs of all 33 orphans at IDADEE. Some powder has even been sold at market helping provide wages for the two workers in the plantation.

The Joshua Foundation is going to support an expansion of the Moringa crop up to a full acre on that same site.  A team has been put in place to facilitate the planting and farming of the addition 900 trees which will begin to yield a regular harvest like within 9 months.  The Joshua Foundation is seeking $12,000 in funds to accomplish this which also includes completion of the final section of security wall to border the new Moringa crop. This last section of wall will make the security 100% complete as it will also entirely surround the Joshua House and IDADEE property.

Guests from neighboring communities in Haiti will visit to receive instruction and God’s love for them evidenced in Moringa, which has come to be known as the Manna Tree. Visiting community members will stay at The Joshua House for a couple days while the resident farmers at IDADEE conduct seminars and provide on the job experience planting, cultivating, harvesting and drying Moringa. Our Haitian cook will prepare dishes using the powder from the leaves to show how tasty this powerhouse of a plant can be. More impoverished Haitians will receive the nutritional benefits and many more can be employed as awareness spreads around the benefits of the Moringa Tree.